Preface| Volume 2, ISSUE 1, Pxix-xx, May 2022

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New Therapeutic Developments in Cancer

      This is the second issue of Advances in Oncology. The aim of this series is to review and summarize emerging developments in distinct subspecialties of oncology and to provide easy access to such advances for busy clinicians, clinical investigators, and research scientists. Although the COVID-19 pandemic continued to have a negative impact globally over the last year, there has been a lot of progress in clinical cancer research, and some important new concepts and therapeutic approaches have emerged.
      In the current issue, we have included important updates and reviews from leading experts and clinical investigators that cover the entire spectrum of clinical oncology and subspecialties of cancer care. The radiation oncology section, edited by Timothy Kruser, discusses advances in the use of proton radiotherapy for the management of central nervous system and base of the skull tumors; causative factors and management of lymphedema in breast cancer; and recent clinical trials for advanced endometrial cancer. The section of surgical oncology, under section editor Jeff Wayne, summarizes updates on neoadjuvant therapy for resectable and borderline resectable pancreas cancer; discusses how neoadjuvant chemotherapy for nonmetastatic breast cancer impacts locoregional and adjuvant systemic therapy decision making; and reviews the current management of retroperitoneal sarcomas. The section of medical oncology, developed by section editor Deva Mahalingam, is focused on two areas in oncology: NTRK inhibitors in adult patients with solid tumors and recent advances in geriatric oncology. The section of gynecologic oncology, developed by section editor Daniela Matei, includes reviews on personalized medicine in ovarian cancer; on the role of sentinel lymph node sampling in gynecologic tumors; and on health care disparities in gynecologic cancers. The section of neuro-oncology, under section editor Rimas Loukas, discusses the evolving role of liquid biopsies in central nervous system tumors and reviews clinical trials of oncolytic viruses in glioblastoma. The hematologic oncology section, edited by Toyosi Odenike, includes reviews on current approaches for the treatment of multiple myeloma and allogeneic stem cell transplant in older adults with hematopoietic malignancies. It also reviews advances in JAK inhibitor-based therapies for Philadelphia chromosome–negative myeloproliferative neoplasms. The genitourinary cancer section is edited by Petros Grivas and discusses the clinical implications and the role of PARP inhibitors in genitourinary cancers, as well as trial considerations for bladder preservation approaches in muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Finally, the section of gastrointestinal oncology is edited by Al Benson and discusses the changing demographics of colorectal cancer and reviews neoadjuvant strategies for locally advanced rectal cancer.
      Altogether, this issue of Advances in Oncology provides a detailed and comprehensive update on recent developments in the treatment of different cancer types and provides a valuable summary for the reader.